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Controller: Limited Liability Company Wood 4 Wisdom, reg. No. 40203468177, (hereinafter – the Company).

For the purposes of this Privacy Policy, any use of the word “you”, “your” or similar expressions means any visitor to (the “Website”). Terms such as “we”, “our” or similar expressions mean the Company.

Personal data

Personal data is any information that can be used to identify an individual.

When processing personal data, the Company complies with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation No 2016/679 and the Law on Processing of Personal Data, as well as other requirements of the legislation in force in Latvia to ensure the protection of personal data.

This Privacy Policy explains how the Company processes personal data, the procedures for exercising the data subject’s rights and issues related to the protection of personal data. The Company’s privacy policy applies to the processing of personal data carried out by the Company on the designated website and in connection with the operation of this website. Customers who purchase products on the website are also subject to additional terms and conditions set out in the distance contract and the terms and conditions of use of the e-store.

What categories of personal data do we collect and why?

  • Sale of products

When selling products, personal data related to the order, the purchase contract, the execution of the order and the accounting (including order placement, invoicing and billing administration) is processed. Also, in cases where you wish to exercise your right of withdrawal as a consumer, have questions or complaints about the product you have purchased, or in cases where a commercial guarantee has been invoked, the processing of the personal data concerned will be necessary to ensure that this situation is resolved. Without this data, the Company would not be able to properly carry out the sale of products and related activities.

Categories of personal data

Legal basis

– Personal information (name, surname, title, right of representation)

– Contact details (e-mail address, phone number, address)

– Product delivery method, process

– Payment type

– Payment details (e. g., current account number, payment card details, payment details and payment status)

– Basic information on the third parties receiving the product

– Order information (e. g., order number, linked order numbers, customer number, delivery address, delivery details and status)

Terms of use of the online store (e-store) and the contract between you and the Company for the use of the website and the purchase of products.

Our legitimate interest to carry on and facilitate the sale of products, be paid and provide a convenient service to our customers.

Compliance with statutory obligations (including keeping accounts and recording payments, ensuring conformity of products, enforcing the right of withdrawal).

Administration, enforcement of product quality and commercial guarantee obligations (contractual and statutory obligations under commercial guarantees for products and services, compliance with contractual quality obligations).


  • Direct marketing, advertising and information materials 

With your consent, we will keep you informed about various news and updates related to our products, promotions and offers. If you wish to receive our newsletters, you must indicate this on our website or by signing up to any other method offered.

Categories of personal data

Legal basis

– Personal information (name, surname, title, right of representation)

– Contact details (e-mail address)

– Technical data related to your visit to the website

 Your consent


  • Customer loyalty programme

We may introduce and implement various customer loyalty programmes, which may include the processing of personal data. For specific types of processing of personal data within a particular loyalty programme, please refer to the loyalty programme terms and conditions or contact us. General use of personal data for the introduction and implementation of customer loyalty programmes:

Categories of personal data

Legal basis

– Personal information (name, surname, title, right of representation)

– Contact details (e-mail address)

– User-generated data and other technical data related to the visit to the website

– Order details (e. g., delivery information and status)

Terms and conditions of participation in customer loyalty programme, agreement between you and the Company regarding the use of the website and participation in the loyalty programme.

Your consent (relevant to specific aspects of data processing, in explicit cases where you have given your consent).

Our legitimate interest to promote sale of products.


  • Reminder of an incomplete purchase

If we detect an incomplete order, we may send a technical support e-mail to users who have provided their e-mail address, if the buyer has not completed the purchase on the e-store available on the website. This is necessary to make sure that the buyer is not affected by technical problems at the time of purchase and to cancel the reservation of the product or to arrange confirmation of the order by the buyer. Such notice is sent in cases where the person placing the order (buyer) has indicated his/her e-mail address as the recipient of the newsletter and/or this has been duly recorded in the e-store system.

Categories of personal data

Legal basis

– Contact details (e-mail address)

– Order details (e. g., order number, order status, contents of the shopping basket as recorded in the e-shopping system)

Our legitimate interest to ensure the proper functioning of the e-store, improve the operation of the shopping process.


  • Investigating and preventing illegal activities against us

In order to detect and prevent unlawful and fraudulent activities against the Company (e. g., to investigate and prevent intrusions or unauthorised editing of the website or interference with access to the website, as well as in cases of attempted product scams), we may collect and process data available to us, including by passing it on to law enforcement authorities or information technology security incident response authorities.

Categories of personal data

Legal basis

– User-generated data, visit history, data related to the used devices and their settings, such as language settings, time zone, operating system and platform, IP and MAC addresses, browser settings, other information about the use of the website and the Company’s digital services, other identifying information.

– Personal information (name, surname, title, right of representation, other provided information)

– Contact details (e-mail address, phone number, address)

– Payment details, payment information, payment method

– Delivery information (delivery address, linked order numbers, history of purchased products/services)

Our legitimate interest to prevent abuse of or interference with the provision of services, or to investigate and prevent an offence against the company.

To comply with a legal obligation under applicable law.


  • The data you provide when contacting us

When you contact us (including to deal with submissions and claims) or we need to respond to you or send you information, we may use the contact details available to us. Such information will also be used to investigate and respond to claims.

Categories of personal data

Legal basis

– Personal information (name, surname, title, right of representation)

– Information relating to representation (name, right of representation)

– Other identifying information

– Contact details (address, e-mail address or phone number)

– Basic information about the third parties receiving the product

– Order details (e. g., product details, order number, customer number, delivery address, delivery details and status)

– History of purchased products/services

– Payment details, payment information, payment method

– User-generated data and other technical data related to the visit to the Website

To comply with a legal obligation under applicable law.

Our legitimate interest to provide customer service.


From what sources do we obtain personal data, and how accurate is it?

We obtain personal data from you. We collect the information we receive when you visit and use the Website, when you provide us data (including data you provide to us before ordering products or filling in information fields on the Website), and when you contact us. We may receive data from service providers who operate the Website, including its performance statistics, anti-attack, security and intrusion protection services.

If the details you have provided to us have changed (e. g., your contact details for the newsletter), you must inform us immediately by correcting the incorrect or inaccurate details.

Who do we share your personal data with?

  • Service providers and cooperation partners

In order to fulfil our obligations to you, to operate the website and to provide the Company’s services, we transfer your personal data to companies and institutions providing services to us, such as a payment service provider, a products delivery service provider, a provider of the service related to the maintenance and operation of the website. Similarly, providers of the Company’s activities (IT service provider, outsourced accounting service provider) may in certain cases be considered processors of your personal data.

In the normal course of business, your data will be transferred to the payment service provider, the data contained in the accounting supporting documents will be transferred to the companies maintaining the accounting and the related information system, and the data will be transferred to the selected delivery service provider. However, other service providers may be used depending on the order and the time of payment, which you will see at the respective purchase step.

Cookies are processed and received by us and our business partners providing for the operation of the website and collect and analyse your activity on the website.

If you use an information exchange facility or tool on the Website, your data may be transferred to the relevant business partner associated with the information exchange or transfer facility you have chosen, as well as to messaging service providers.

We make reasonable efforts to verify all service providers processing your personal data on our behalf and on our assignment. Service providers are not entitled to use your personal data for any other purpose. 

  • Law enforcement authorities, state and municipal institutions

In order to comply with our statutory obligations, we may transfer your personal data to law enforcement authorities (e. g., the police), state and municipal institutions at their request (e. g., a supervisory authority responsible for the protection of personal data). We may also transfer your personal data to law enforcement authorities (e. g., courts) and state and municipal institutions for the purposes of defending our legitimate interests by drafting, submitting and defending claims, complaints and applications.

  • Cookies

Use of cookies

This website, like many others, uses cookies to help improve your experience and ensure it works well. We invite you to read our Cookie Policy.

Personal data may be processed during the use of cookies. By using this website, you consent to the use of cookies as described here (unless your browser is set to not accept cookies). Please note that if you choose to disable cookies that are strictly necessary, the website may not function fully.

Information about cookies

Cookies are information that your browser collects and stores when you use our website. The next time you visit our website, your browser will remember your actions and do some of them for you, such as choosing a working language or controlling the display of a cookie message. Cookies enable the website to store your individual settings, recognise you and respond accordingly.

Types of cookies and their purposes

There are two types of cookies – session cookies and persistent cookies. Cookies are also divided into first-party or third-party cookies. The above terms are explained below so that you can better understand the nature of cookies and why we use them.

Session cookies allow us to recognise you when you visit a particular website by remembering any changes or choices you make on that particular site so that they can be saved on other pages. These cookies allow you to use multiple pages of the same website quickly and easily, avoiding the need to process each page you visit. Session cookies are not persistent – they will expire when you close your web browser or end your session on a particular website.

Persistent cookies are cookies that are stored on your computer for a certain period of time after the end of a browsing session, so they allow you to save your choices or actions on a website and use them the next time you visit a website that uses these cookies.

First-party cookies are cookies that are set by entities that are administered by the website operator, in this case us. Third-party cookies are hosted by other domains that are not owned by us. Third-party cookies that may be stored on your device (computer, phone or tablet) when you browse our website.

List of cookies used on the website

You can see the cookies used on our website and information (description) about them in the relevant section of the website of the webstore operator at the following address: 

In the cookie settings window, you can choose to give your consent to various categories of cookies, the use of which is not mandatory for the operation of the website.

How do we use cookies?

  • To save your personal settings

Cookies allow our website to remember information that affects the appearance or behaviour of the website. For example, your preferred language or the area you are in. These cookies can also help you change the size, typeface and other elements of websites that can be personalised. Cookies also help you use the e-store by making it easy for you to shop, place an order and pay for the products you order.

  • For defence

We use cookies to authenticate users, prevent fraudulent use of access data and protect user data from unauthorised access.

  • For recording statistics, measuring visitor traffic and network security

Whenever you visit our website, analytics software stores cookies anonymously. They help us to know how many users visit our website repeatedly. This helps us to better understand how our visitors behave on the website, what they prefer and what they are interested in. This information is not linked to any other information in any way. For example, we know that a particular section is visited repeatedly by several people in a month. But we don’t know who they are.

The data we record can also be used to protect computer systems and prevent attacks.

  • To save your registration details

For repeat buyers, cookies may store login or opt-out information and help fill in text entry fields on website forms.

  • For advertising purposes

We also use cookies to make advertisements more attractive to you as a user and to offer advertisers better advertising terms. Cookies are generally used to select ads based on what is relevant to users (remarketing), to improve campaign performance reporting and to avoid showing users ads they have already seen. We only use remarketing data for visitor segmentation to help deliver relevant advertising content. Segments are created based on some general patterns of visitor behaviour and the content of the pages they visit.

If we have your consent to process your personal data for marketing purposes, including profiling, we may link these cookies for this purpose to other personal data about you and, through automated processing, create individual profiles that are subsequently used for personalised advertising purposes.

How to adjust the use of cookies

In most cases, there is no set way to disable cookies without limiting the full or partial functionality of the website. If you are not sure whether cookies are necessary to make full use of the services provided, we recommend that you keep their settings.

You can adjust and disable cookies using the tool provided on the website when you first access this website.

You can delete cookies in your browser – this option is usually available in the “History of visited sites”.

Browsers also allow you to block cookies on your computer, for example by using the “Enable tracking protection” feature. Please note that in this case the functionality of our website may be limited. For information on how to set cookies in your browser, please visit the website of the relevant browser.

Transfer of personal data outside the European Union and the European Economic Area (EU/EEA)

We always endeavour to process your personal data within the European Union and the European Economic Area (EU/EEA). 

In some cases, the processors we use may be located outside the EU/EEA, however, in such cases we are always careful to ensure that the processors are reliable and that the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation regarding the prerequisites and safeguards for such transfers (e. g., by entering into standard data protection clauses) are met.

How long is your personal data stored?

All personal data collected from you is retained for as long as you use our services (including delivery of products, compliance obligations) or until you withdraw your consent if your personal data is processed on that basis. We generally keep additional information related to an order until the retention period for the accounting records as applicable and when the limitation and warranty obligations in respect of the purchases made have expired. This retention period is generally 5 years. Longer retention periods are permitted in order to comply with legal requirements on the minimum retention period for documents or information or to protect our legitimate interests.

Once this period has expired, we will securely delete your personal data or make it inaccessible (archiving) or non-identifiable so that it can no longer be linked to you.

We reserve the right to delete or permanently anonymise your data more quickly if the legal basis for its use has ceased to exist or if it is no longer necessary for the further provision of the service.

You are responsible for storing and deleting the data stored on your terminal equipment (use the relevant settings of your internet browser to delete cache and cookies).

How do we protect your personal data?

We provide, continuously review and improve safeguards to protect your personal data from unauthorised access, accidental loss, disclosure or destruction. To do this, we use state-of-the-art technology, technical and organisational measures, including firewalls, updated software and data encryption.

What are your rights?

The data subject has general rights under the General Data Protection Regulation and other applicable law, including:

  • Access to personal data

You have the right to request confirmation from us as to whether we are processing personal data relating to you and, in such cases, to request access to that personal data or to provide information about the personal data where direct access is not provided.

  • Rectification of personal data

If you believe that information about you is incorrect or incomplete, you have the right to ask us to correct or supplement it.

  • Withdrawal of consent

Insofar as we process your personal data on the basis of your consent, you have the right to withdraw your consent to the processing of your personal data at any time. Withdrawal of consent will not affect the lawfulness of processing based on consent given prior to the withdrawal, as well as in cases where processing is carried out on the basis of another legal basis.

  • Objection to data processing for the purpose of supplying addressed information

You have the right to object at any time to the processing of your personal data for direct marketing, targeted newsletter purposes.

  • Objection to processing on the grounds of legitimate interests

You have the right to object to the processing of personal data that we process on the basis of our legitimate interests, however, we will continue to process your data even if you have objected, provided that we have valid reasons for continuing to process your personal data. To exercise the above rights, please submit a written request to us.

  • Deletion

In certain circumstances, you have the right to ask us to erase your personal data, but this does not apply where we are required by law to retain the data. To exercise the above rights, please submit a written request to us.

  • Processing restriction

You have the right to restrict the processing of your personal data in certain circumstances. Please note that if you request that the processing of your personal data be restricted, this may affect your ability to receive our services and purchase products. To exercise the above rights, please submit a written request to us.

  • Data transfer

You have the right to receive or pass on your personal data to another data controller. This right includes only data that you have provided to us on the basis of your consent or a contract, and where the processing is carried out by automated means. To exercise the above rights, please submit a written request to us.

What law governs the website?

The operation of the Website, as well as all relations between you and the Company, shall be governed by the laws of the Republic of Latvia, as well as the applicable laws of the European Union, as applicable.

Can there be changes to the data processing?

If the Company introduces changes to the processing of personal data, they will be notified by amending this Privacy Policy. The Company may make changes to this Privacy Policy by posting the current version on its website.

Who can I contact if I have any questions?

If you have any questions, comments or requests regarding this Privacy Policy or the processing of your personal data, please contact the Company.

If you are not satisfied with the reply you receive, you have the right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority, the State Data Inspectorate (

  • Contact details of the manager

To contact us, you can write an e-mail to or to the postal address: Limited Liability Company Wood 4 Wisdom, address: Silmaļu iela 29-7, Salaspils, Salaspils Municipality, LV-2121, phone: +371 20020375.


Date of update: 03.10.2023